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Health check & rescue recovery of Microsoft Word documents, templates & macros (VBA)

The IOS Health & Rescue Centre offers preventative care to promote healthy, stable documents and minimise the risk of document corruption; we also offer practical trouble-shooting and rescue assistance for unstable or poorly formatted documents.

creating healthy documents

Preventative care involves reviewing your existing Word documents, templates, macros and general processes to ensure that your working practices minimise the risk of damage to your documents. Where necessary, we can help you to reduce the likelihood of potential problems by streamlining your Word environment and designing new, robust templates and macros.

help when things go wrong

Even if you follow all the rules a Word document can become corrupt or unstable for any number of reasons. Recovering such documents can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, particularly if you do not have in-house Word specialists.

If a document does become corrupt or otherwise unstable, or if it is poorly formatted and therefore difficult for less experienced users to work with, we offer trouble-shooting advice or provide practical hands-on assistance to recover the document to a point where you can continue working with it.