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Insert Watermarks in Word documents.  Easy to use, central control.

easy to use, centrally managed watermarks

Depending upon the version of Word you use, inserting and deleting watermarks throughout a document can be a fairly long-winded process.

Perhaps more importantly, Word does not provide a way to manage global settings for key elements such as font, colour, orientation and content.

SMART Watermark is fast and intuitive for end users: simply pick the required watermark from a list and click OK to insert it; deleting it takes just one click of the mouse.

SMART Watermark also provides central control over formatting, thus protecting the firm’s brand image, and allows you to maintain a global list of watermarks so avoiding the risk of spelling errors.

SMART Watermark - refreshingly simple. And free.

key points

  • Manage font style and colour globally to protect brand image
  • Maintain an unlimited number of watermarks centrally
  • Optionally set a default watermark
  • Standard watermark orientation (diagonal)
  • Font size adjusted automatically according to watermark content
  • Insert your firm's logo as a watermark (requires logo font)
  • Optionally allow users to enter watermarks on the fly