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Variable text & operator prompts in Microsoft Word documents.  Easy to use, no need to protect documents.

Most firms have a wealth of central precedent documents or clauses which form the basis of new documents; individuals may also keep their own bank of re-useable data. These items are rarely completely standard and users need to insert variable information and to select or delete optional text.

There is no easy way to achieve this in Microsoft Word.

One option is to use Word form fields. Some firms use a unique combination of characters to indicate variable text or add drafting comments in a different font. Others just leave it up to the individual to manage.

None of these options is particularly efficient and can even be downright risky.

IOS RedText provides a simple solution to these problems.

RedText allows users to easily mark up documents with insertion points, optional text and drafting prompts. When it comes to re-using the document, a single keystroke takes them from one prompt to the next and allows them to insert, retain or delete information. There is no need to protect the document, no specialist knowledge is required to set up the master and there is no limitation on the amount of text at any prompt/optional text location.

IOS RedText is fast; easy to use; minimises the risk of error; reduces the time spent proof reading a document and increases the speed and accuracy of production.

And what's more ... it's free.