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Microsoft Office training, flexible, out of hours, customised to your needs.

Not knowing how to do something is frustrating and time consuming for individual users, as well as being both costly and potentially damaging for your business. Unfortunately software is not always intuitive and the correct level of training is fundamental to achieving the best return on your IT investment in the shortest timeframe.

Effective training inspires a greater level of user acceptance, interest and confidence which in turn results in greater efficiency and increased productivity and revenue for the firm.

IOS can help you to analyse your training needs and develop customised courses to reflect the way products and individuals work within your organisation.

Our aim is to deliver the most effective training plan for your firm; we recognise that it can be difficult to release staff for long periods of time and so offer training in a variety of formats to meet your requirements. Options include short workshops to target specific areas, induction training for new employees, half-day or full-day courses or a series of short sessions to accommodate the busy fee earner.

As the implementation of Microsoft Office is rarely the same in any two firms, we conduct training courses on-site thus making them more cost effective and less disruptive to your staff. We're happy to provide out-of-hours training too - evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

IOS can also develop and deliver bespoke training courses for most products & procedures in your firm.