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Considerable time and expertise is invested in developing a strong visual identity to convey a firm's image to clients, prospects and other organisations. The written word is often the first opportunity that any firm has to present itself to the outside world and it is therefore important that all documents are consistently and professionally formatted to reflect the quality of the service provided.

Conveying the rules to users is only part of the solution; producing brand conformant documents must be fast and intuitive.

IOS formatted document templates automatically incorporate your branding and include exceptionally easy to use heading Styles, automatic paragraph numbering and automatic table of contents generation.

Well constructed templates also increase document stability, thus reducing support needs and helping to increase turnaround time, and make it easier for users to reformat externally sourced documents to your approved standards.

key points

  • Preserves & strengthens the firm's brand image
  • Fully customised to your in-house standards
  • Improves document stability
  • Reduces formatting problems
  • Easy-to-use, reliable automatic paragraph numbering
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces IT support & training requirements

Can we help?

We are experienced in designing professionally formatted documents that are both visually impressive and easy to work with.

If you need advice or assistance to implement standards for the first time, or would like to review your existing template designs and formatting guidelines, please contact us.

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