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IOS SMART Reformat

Reformatting a document to meet your in-house standards or to overcome editing issues can be a time consuming process and the more complex operations often require expert knowledge. IOS SMART Reformat allows even inexperienced users to perform a wide range of advanced reformatting tasks at the touch of a button.

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IOS SMART Find & Replace

Word’s native function is limited to processing just one pair of text strings at a time. SMART Find & Replace allows users to find and replace multiple strings in a single pass. Repetitive searches can be saved as ‘Schemes’ helping to increase productivity and accuracy and replaced strings automatically highlighted to encourage and assist with proof reading.

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Automatically protects AutoText entries as they are created and backs them up to a network drive when Word is closed. Protecting and securing AutoText entries in this way means that Word’s ‘Normal’ can be replaced without the risk of losing the entries or the need to preserve them manually. Regularly refreshing the ‘Normal’ template significantly increases Word’s overall stability and assists in maintaining a standard Word setup.