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Protect & back up Microsoft Word AutoText entries

protect & secure autotext entries

AutoText is one of Word’s most useful features - not only is it a great timesaver but it also reduces the likelihood of errors, especially when typing complicated terms or unusual names.

MS Word stores AutoText entries in the ‘normal’ template by default. The problem is that this template is central to all Word installations and may need to be replaced, particularly if it contains macro code requiring periodic updates. It is also the template most likely to corrupt and cause unexpected operational issues and therefore routinely renewing it can improve system stability.

Replacing this template means either manually copying a user’s AutoText entries to the new version or losing them altogether. If a firm-wide update needs to be applied, copying and re-instating each user’s AutoText entries may not be a practical proposition. The result is that users feel the feature is unreliable and avoid using it thereby missing out on a great productivity tool.

SMART AutoText automatically stores entries in a separate area allowing you to safely overwrite the ‘normal’ template at any time. For PC users, entries are backed up when a user quits Word and re-instated when they re-start. Alternatively, the AutoText can be accessed directly from the network. SMART AutoText can also be configured to prevent accidental deletion of the firm's global AutoText entries.

key points

  • Safely overwrite Word's 'normal' template
  • Automatically back up individuals' AutoText to the network
  • Prevent accidental deletion of global AutoText entries