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Stress free network printing of Microsoft Word documents

Print macros for Microsoft Word. Automatic tray selection and duplex switching. Save paper - default to duplex printing.

Numerous printers, miscellaneous manufacturers, assorted models, a variety of paper types - perhaps you have multiple offices and out of hours working - add a host of demanding users under pressure to meet important deadlines and printing can sometimes present more than a few challenges.

IOS Print Menu automates paper selection, supports automatic duplex switching and generally simplifies network printing from Microsoft Word. Print Menu provides instant resilience as well as significantly reducing end user support requirements.

Saves time, money and paper. And reduces stress.

key points

  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Easily handles printing tasks of all levels of complexity
  • Automatic simplex/duplex switching
  • Optionally default document printing to duplex
  • Supports special printing features (hole punch, stapling etc.)
  • Automatic detection of markup (track changes) & hidden text
  • Ability to add watermarks at print time
  • Allows access to any printer on the network
  • Provides instant resilience - easily select an alternative printer
  • Reduces IT support overload
  • Easily add/remove new printers & manage options in-house
  • No programming knowledge required

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