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Find & replace multiple text strings in Microsoft Word documents

low cost, easy to use, multiple find & replace

IOS SMART Find & Replace quickly finds and replaces multiple text strings throughout a document in a single step, thereby increasing the speed of document production. The facility to save and retrieve an unlimited number of schemes further improves productivity, increases accuracy and reduces the need for repetitive input.

Replaced text can optionally be automatically highlighted as a visual aid for proof-reading. When used in combination with IOS Red Text (free), users can quickly jump from one change to the next with just one keystroke.

Designed as an end-user tool, IOS SMART Find & Replace is very easy to use and suitable for implementation throughout the organisation.

Okay, so it's not quite Rock & Roll but we think you'll like it.

key points

  • Find and replace multiple words or phrases in a single pass
  • Intelligent find & replace algorithm
  • Save and retrieve schemes (e.g. settings for mirror Wills)
  • Augment saved schemes on the fly
  • Convert replacement text to a different case
  • Highlight replaced text to assist with proof reading
  • Indicate gender specific pronouns
  • Save preferences
  • Considerably more flexible than recorded macros