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Document conversion - protect your brand image - convert documents to your house style or format

Converting externally sourced documents such as online precedents into your firm’s house style can often be a bit of a fiddle.

IOS DocConverter is a highly cost-effective, generic conversion tool designed to enable even inexperienced users to quickly re-format documents at the touch of a button.

IOS DocConverter performs a range of standard modifications based on settings in an in-house defined ‘scheme’. The scheme’s rules identify which template the converted document is to be based upon and defines how in-house styles are to be incorporated.

IOS DocConverter can also remove manual numbering, change text formatted as small capitals to regular capitals and substitute Word form-fields with a unique character string or easy-to-use IOS Red Text prompts.

There is no limit to the number of schemes you can define which means that you can use the tool to convert documents from a variety of different sources.

key points

  • Quickly reformats documents from a variety of different sources
  • Easy to use regardless of skill level
  • Allows central management of conversion schemes
  • Protects your firm's corporate image
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces IT support needs