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Easy to use document assembly for Microsoft Word

The vast bank of electronic documents in any law firm is testament to the innumerable hours spent acquiring, drafting and disseminating the firm's legal expertise. New documents are often pulled together from existing ones with users making heavy use of cut-and-paste and search-and-replace. Whilst this is arguably faster than starting afresh, it is still a relatively slow and cumbersome process, as well as a potentially risky one: finding information can be time consuming and there is a danger of it being out of date. This approach also requires users to be IT savvy and relies on the individual remembering to change key details such as the client's name.

IOS DocBuilder centralises the control of your existing standard data allowing users to easily locate the information needed to assemble consistently formatted and accurate documents quickly and effortlessly. Points where variable information is required are clearly marked. Key personnel maintain control over the data integrity thus reducing the risk of non-compliance.

key points

  • Centralises control of the firm's standard data
  • Increases speed, accuracy & consistency of document production
  • Reduces risk of non-compliance
  • Utilises your existing data - no special setup required
  • Reduces need for cut-and-paste & associated formatting problems
  • Reduces IT support requirements
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Preserves brand image
  • Departmental or enterprise wide application
  • Rapid deployment