tailor made templates & macros


To standardise the format and content of the firm’s confirmation of instructions and to control the creation process. The standard base document included a number of variable elements, both mandatory and optional, such as clauses to be included for corporate clients; the names of key staff who would be dealing with the matter and their associated rates (which varied between departments); an outline of the work; the likely timescale; an estimate of the total costs and a choice of pre-approved optional paragraphs to supplement the standard content. It was also a requirement that the document be protected from subsequent alteration.


IOS designed a template and developed macros to automate the process. Elements such as the names of staff involved and their rates are populated by underlying Access databases. Information is entered using a familiar Word-style dialog screen and the infill sequence controlled so that information upon which subsequent fields rely is completed in order. Once all mandatory fields are complete, the user is prompted to complete variable data in the optional clauses and the final form protected from alteration. When printed, the system automatically produces the required number of copies, duplexing and watermarking specific pages as necessary.


This solution has greatly reduced the firm’s risk and significantly improved the time taken to produce this type of document. It has also increased the accuracy of the content and both protected and strengthened their brand image.