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Easy to use advanced refomatting utility for Microsoft Word documents

Word documents may need to be reformatted for any number of reasons: the content might have been collated from a variety of different sources - imported from files with differing formats, scanned from hard copy, copied from websites or acquired from other external sources resulting in a mix of presentation styles and harbouring potential performance issues; perhaps the format does not conform to the firm’s standards or the document has become damaged in some way.

We have all encountered documents that appear visually correct but are an editing nightmare. A document's usability and stability depends largely on how well it is structured in formatting terms: poorly formatted documents are time-consuming and frustrating to work with and are liable to become unstable or corrupt - usually just before an important deadline.

IOS SMART Reformat helps even inexperienced Word users to reformat documents quickly and easily and a 'Deep Clean' option is designed to assist with troubleshooting problem documents.

IOS SMART Reformat - makes reformatting Word documents a piece of cake.